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In Arizona there are many assault and violent crime charges. An individual can be charged with manslaughter per A.R.S. 13-1103 in one of four ways. The individual:

  • Recklessly caused someone’s death.
  • Knowingly or intentionally killed someone in the heat of passion. This can include the alleged victim provoking or goading a person into killing him or her upon sudden argument.
  • Intentionally helping someone commit suicide.
  • Knowingly or intentionally killing someone while being coerced to do so. The term “coerced” refers to a third party using or threatening to use immediate, unlawful force to make the individual kill the alleged victim.

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The term “reckless” refers to substantial and unjustifiable risk. The person was unaware and didn’t care about what could happen the way a reasonable person would. For instance, prosecutors allege that you recklessly handled a firearm in a way made it accidentally discharge and kill someone. An individual can be charged with manslaughter if he or she is accused of killing someone while operating a vehicle.

The term “reasonable person” means what another Arizonian would do in the same or similar circumstances.

You must talk with a lawyer immediately when you’re accused of manslaughter. Ourlawyers at the Maasen Law Firm are ready to assist you with your manslaughter charge. We can also assist with any type of sex crime, driving under the influence or prescription drug charge you’re facing.

Possible Punishment for a Manslaughter Conviction

It’s important to remember that you haven’t convicted of manslaughter. The prosecutor thinks he or she has enough evidence to charge you with the crime. However, it’s important to understand the punishment for a manslaughter conviction. Arizona considers it a class two felony. Since it is a dangerous felony, you may receive:

  • Seven years in prison (minimum).
  • 10 and one have years in prison (presumptive).
  • 21 years in prison (maximum).

If you have a prior dangerous felony conviction, you may receive:

  • 14 years in prison (minimum).
  • 15 and three quarter years (presumptive) in prison.
  • 28 years in prison (maximum).

If you have two dangerous felony convictions, you face:

  • 21 years in prison (minimum).
  • 28 years in prison (presumptive).
  • 35 years in prison (maximum).

If you haven’t been accused of manslaughter, but a more serious crime like first degree or second degree murder, one possible defense is using manslaughter. Since manslaughter is committed by accident punishment isn’t as severe as other crimes. For instance, first degree murder has a punishment of death or life in prison. We your lawyer fights to reduce first degree murder to manslaughter it can mean you serve the above time instead of dying for allegedly committing the crime. Click here to read more.

Possible Defenses to a Manslaughter Charge

One possible defense is called supervening cause. This is where we argue that your actions did not cause the person’s death. Instead, it was something else like a medical emergency. Another important defense is to show that the alleged victim was actually reckless. He or she showed a disregard for human life. As a result, you’re getting blamed for something that is not your fault.

In addition, we will fight to get any evidence or statements ruled inadmissible. Were you tricked into making a statement? Were your requests to speak with your lawyer ignored? We are ready to challenge procedures like Miranda Rights violations to assist in your defense.

Whether you are facing a more serious murder charge or manslaughter, you need to start building a defense now. The lawyers at Maasen Law Firm will assist you. For help, contact us for a free consultation.


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