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Scottsdale DUI checkpoints can ruin your life

People don’t regularly think about getting a DUI violation until it’s just about to happen, and Scottsdale DUI checkpoints are no exception. Local law enforcement plan DUI checkpoints with precision, knowing exactly where they can realize the highest probability of Scottsdale DUI arrests to make a social impact. Much of anti-drinking enforcement is about generating […]

Obama commutes sentences in crack cocaine cases

On December 19, President Obama commuted the sentences of eight federal inmates sentenced under the old drug sentence laws for their crack cocaine offenses. Each of the inmates had served approximately 15 years in federal prison. At least two of the inmates received life in prison for their drug crimes conviction. This is the first […]

Scottsdale DUI blood tests thrown out by Judge

For Scottsdale DUI charges, local prosecutors and law enforcement have regularly used a number of elements for conclusive evidence. Two of these come from the suspect himself: a breath alcohol content test result and a blood test. While the former is easily taken and collected in the field at the point of arrest, the blood […]

Should Washington State get DUI checkpoints like Arizona?

A Washington proposal has renewed discussions about DUI checkpoints. Although many states, including Arizona, have had checkpoints for years, Washington is only just now considering adding them and the same constitutional arguments made against the checkpoints in other states are being raised again. At a checkpoint, police either stop all traffic on a road or […]

AZ holiday DUI crackdown praised by police agencies

A statewide conference announcing Arizona’s annual holiday DUI crackdown was recently held at the state capital in Phoenix. The conference was attended by law enforcement officers and state officials including the director of the Office of Highway Safety, the director of the Department of Public Safety and the Maricopa County Sheriff.  Representatives from several anti-drunk […]

Oklahoma brings sailor stationed overseas back for sex charges

In many people’s minds there was a time when someone suspected of a criminal act could get far enough “out of Dodge” and the local law would then be stymied in terms of an arrest. This is probably more of a Hollywood myth than anything today, especially in the case of a Navy sailor who […]

Prescription Drug Charges in Arizona

Prescription Drug Charges in Arizona Start Transcript Scott: Hi, my name is Scott Maasen with Maasen Law Firm, and today I want to talk with you about prescription drug type criminal cases where someone is charged with over the counter or prescription type drugs, but they don’t have a prescription. Slide: MLF Maasen Law Firm […]

Youtube Channel Intro for Maasen Law Firm

Start Transcription Hi, I am Scott Maasen with the Maasen Law Firm. We are making a number of videos to help people understand the criminal law process. A number of people have questions and we talk about that all the time. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to understand that. If you have […]

Aggravated DUI: What you need to know if a child is in the car

Start Transcription Hi, my name is Scott Maasen with the Maasen Law Firm, and in this video I want to talk with you about aggravated DUI as a class 6 felony in Arizona, where it’s basically a DUI charge with a child in the car. Aggravated DUI Child in Car is a Felony The law […]

AZ DUI Limit – What to do if charged under the legal limit

AZ DUI Limit Impaired to the Slightest Degree Scott Maasen Law Firm Lawyer Start Transcription Hi, I’m Scott Maasen, with the Maasen Law Firm, and today I want to talk to you about DUI cases, and specifically a question that I get is, “Can I still get a DUI if I’m under the legal limit?” […]