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What to look for when hiring a Phoenix DUI Lawyer

You’re probably familiar with the old saying about real estate, that the three most important things about any property are location, location and location. When it comes to the best Phoenix DUI lawyer, a similar saying applies. The three most important things about a DUI lawyer are experience, experience and experience.

Experience with DUI cases

First, your Phoenix DUI lawyer should have experience managing, negotiating and trying DUI cases. Don’t just look for an attorney who has prior experience defending clients in drunk driving cases. The best defense lawyers are often former prosecutors who know how the prosecution side of the criminal justice system works. A former prosecutor working on your defense can help you understand what the prosecution’s goals are and what to expect next in your case.

Experience with the Phoenix courts

Your DUI defense lawyer should also be a seasoned veteran of the Phoenix court system. The requirements and deadlines established by the Superior Court’s Criminal Department are complex. Seek out a lawyer who knows the system. A Certified Criminal Law Specialist has achieved the Arizona State Bar’s requirements for practicing criminal law in Arizona, has earned the respect of his peers and has passed a written certification exam. When your lawyer is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist, you can rest assured that your lawyer has the local experience needed to get you best result possible in your situation.

Experience with Arizona DUI law

The Arizona law contains mandatory statutory penalties for DUI offenses based on such factors as how many previous offenses you have, whether you had a valid Arizona drivers license at the time of your offense, whether there were children in the car, what the level of your blood alcohol content was when you were stopped, and so forth. You may be so eager to get your case over with and get on with your life that you want to just plead guilty to the charges and move on. However, the best Phoenix DUI lawyers can help you understand how entering a plea can impact not only your current situation, but other legal matters you may face in the future. An experienced criminal lawyer is constantly analyzing all the relevant factors that can affect your case, your criminal record, your family and your future.

There are many Phoenix DUI lawyers who would be happy to take your case. Be sure to choose the one that’s best for you. As you consider which DUI attorney is the right one for you, remember that the three most important factors in your selection are experience, experience and experience.

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