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Scottsdale DUI Court Information and Directions

The Scottsdale Municipal Court acts as both the city courthouse as well as the legal jurisdiction center for the surrounding area. It handles cases that are both misdemeanors by Arizona statute as well as felonies. No surprise then, the Scottsdale Court is a prime venue for managing the disposition of both traffic and driving under the influence or Scottsdale DUI violation cases. The facility is physically located adjacent to the Old Town section of Scottsdale and the city ballpark.

The specific address is

3700 N 75th St

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Phone: (480) 312-2442.

The location of the court may be a bit of irony in the making, since the same location also serves as home to a number of restaurants and bars, all serving alcohol and patronized by many customers who drive to be at the venue. That in turn creates a regular stream of arrests as well as Scottsdale DUI violations as well. The location is commonly hit with DUI checkpoints and task force activities as well.

Scottsdale DUI violations range from very simple misdemeanor crime definitions to repeat violation felony definitions. These are covered and specified in Arizona Revised Statutes 28-1381 as well as 28-1382. In fact, the Scottsdale Court relies on 20 different statute sections to adjudicate DUI cases. So there is no shortage of laws through which to charge someone when they are arrested for a Scottsdale DUI for any type of impairment substance.

What is not generally known to the public but is very much kept track of by experienced attorneys who works in the Scottsdale courthouse are the nuances and differences among the judges who oversee cases there. These behavioral differences can have a huge impact on the outcome of a Scottsdale DUI case, from everything associated with interpretation of the evidence to the severity of the sentencing in a conviction. Matching the facts and circumstances of case to the right judge for the best defense outcome is what makes experienced DUI attorneys standout among others. It would practically impossible the average person to navigate this legal maze on his own, and no one should try when facing a criminal DUI charge.

Because of how specialized a Scottsdale DUI defense is, as well as the nuances of the Scottsdale Court, obtaining the right experienced legal representation matters in terms of producing the best outcome for a case. The way Arizona statutes are written, a simple violation can turn into a serious punishment with jail time if a charged party is not careful. A quality DUI defense attorney can avoid this outcome, giving a party a second chance. If you or someone you know is facing a Scottsdale DUI charge in Arizona, call our office to find out more.