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Prostitution Charges in AZ

In Arizona, there are two revised codes that refer to prostitution. They are 13-3211 and 31-3214. Under these codes prostitution is defined as a person knowingly offering sexual services in exchange for something valuable. In other words, you may be accused of offering some sexual service such as intercourse or oral contact for something of value like money. A prostitution charge is embarrassing and can ruin your reputation in the community.

It doesn’t matter what type of evidence prosecutors may have to “prove” their case, don’t believe the hype. You can defend against this charge. If you are facing a prostitution charge or any sex crime charge, contact us at the Maasen Law Firm immediately. Tell us the circumstances surrounding your case and we will build a defense that challenges their supposed evidence.

Possible Punishment for a Prostitution Conviction

Prostitution is considered a class one misdemeanor. If you are convicted of a first offense prostitution charge, you face a mandatory 15 days in jail. That is the minimum. You could receive up to six months in jail. Also, you may receive three years of probation. This probation includes counseling and classes. You’ll also have to pay a fine of $2,500 which may include an 85 percent surcharge.

If you have a prior prostitution conviction, you face more jail time. You must complete a mandatory minimum of 30 days in jail. Two prior convictions require a mandatory minimum of 60 days in jail. It can increase to six months if you have three prostitution convictions.

A fourth conviction of prostitution is handled differently. Under Arizona law, a fourth conviction for prostitution is considered a class five felony. You can receive a:

Minimum of 180 days in prison or jail.
Up to two and one half years in prison.
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Possible Defenses for a Prostitution Charge

We have a variety of defenses we can use depending on the circumstances surrounding your charge. One is entrapment. It happens when an undercover law enforcement officer induces you to commit an offense you would not have done. For instance, an escort or private dancer has a client who continuously offers large sums of money for a sex act. The individual finally relents and agrees to do the sex act and is arrested for prostitution. This is entrapment and isn’t allowed.

Another viable defense is challenging the proof the prosecutors have. Often, officers makes an arrest before any sex occurs or something of value is exchanged. In other words, the prosecutor has no proof at all.

We also challenge all arrest procedures. For instance, an officer may have violated your rights by intimating, by not reading them to you. In another instance an officer may have violated your rights by tricking or coercing you to make a guilty statement. If this happens we will fight to get the evidence ruled inadmissible and thrown out.

Other possible defenses include:

  • You were denied right to counsel.
  • The validity of any issued search warrant.
  • Any forensic flaws that occurred during the investigation.
  • Challenging any misleading or sloppy police reports.

Whether you are facing a prostitution charge or police are in the pre-investigation phase, you need an attorney on your side now. You need to start fighting this charge to get it dismissed or reduced. Massen Law Firm will fight this charge for you. Contact us now for an initial free consultation.


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